Our recipe for success

Our aim is simple: We want to inspire. How do we do this?  We are mightily curious. Seasoned with good ideas and a generous dash of passion, we will provide the right recipe for the perfect market presentation.

It does not matter if we are looking for the first inkling in the head or a concrete implementation on paper or a screen – we give everything to give a permanent flavour to the daily challenges with creativity, experience & competence.

It is also a question of good taste. With everything we do, we remain true to our personal style to be open, respectful and appreciative.



The right head for every solution. We have at our disposal more than 35 specialists with varying strengths and experience. A colourful mixture, making us pleasingly versatile and able to offer to our customers the necessary flexibility within the fast-moving advertising business. In order to do proper justice to the full-service standard we also offer a wide network of competent and long-time partners.


Branding & Corporate Identity

What does a brand need if it wants to be loved by its customers? Living values? A clear market position? Transparency? The right mixture of dynamics and continuity?more

All of the above together of course. On top of that, every successful brand lives off its emotions and shows its customers a familiar and unique face.
We plan, develop and monitor the corporate design & the corporate identity of EMP Group and give the band a face that customers have been falling in love with time and again ever since the company has been founded.


An idea becomes stronger if it is anchored more firmly in an overall strategy. For this reason, we develop holistic concepts with a long-term perspective.more

No matter if we are building up a new brand, a multi-channel solution for advertising campaigns, the relaunch of a website or new ideas for a catalogue design – we make suggestions beyond the conventional and maintain an overall view with all topics.less

Creation campaigns

We support multi-channel solutions and cross-media campaign planning. Our customers experience the online pulse.more

For this reason, we supply all the conventional online advertising media for eMail marketing, banner ads, social media marketing, microsites, landing pages and anything else making sense in eCommerce. Offline advertising media such as flyers, posters, print ads and brochures are, of course, also included in our standard repertoire.less

Creation magazines

Every rock or metal fan is familiar with this: the EMP magazine. For many, it is the bible of the rock music lifestyle. We have been creating the EMP magazine for 20 years and are actually a little proud of having managed to turn a piece of paper into a cult object.more

For its realisation we make use of the latest production processes and allow customers from all over Europe to, almost simultaneously, receive their new worlds of experience on paper.less

Image processing

A picture is worth a 1000 words. We believe in this saying and know that the first visual impression has to be convincing.more

Our own team ensures that every image is perfectly processed to prepare it for its individual purpose. The standard repertoire includes image cropping, colour correction, alpha matting and colour masks as well as retouching.
We guarantee our customers not only a perfect image but also maximum flexibility and speed in achieving this goal. less


No matter whether we are dealing with product photography or image photography – we have all the necessary equipment for doing either.more

Having two fully equipped studios with an area of 1000 m2 and three recognised photography experts, we are ideally prepared to fulfil the most diverse desires and top demands. Our photographic repertoire ranges from stills, mood photography, 360-degree photography, bust or model photographs. Of course, as well as the photographs, we also offer the option to create moving images in the form of product or image videos.less

Media consultation

Which advertising medium, which print finish, which paper, which format is just right? Which prices are acceptable and which decision will ultimately be the one which gains the customers’ trust?more

As always, there are a large number of questions and options. We see ourselves as a filter, collecting all offers and screening out the most sensible options. We understand about print and, of course, also non-print and are pleased to advise you about the selection of the most appropriate product and the best strategy.less

Model scouting

Finding the models when writing about rock and metal is not only an enormous challenge, but also extremely important for our customers.more

It is most important that they are perceived as authentic. In addition to media consultation, we also offer model scouting, which is accurately aimed at the chosen target group.less


Have we made you curious about the work in our creativity workshop? Then we have something to offer to you:








Only a passionate person can inspire others with what they are doing. This is what we believe. Are you thinking the same? Then you might be just the right person for us.

Job offers
Do you think we should get to know you? Then feel free to surprise us with your unsolicited application – we are searching for committed employees.
Mail to mailbox@asap-graphics.de.

We regularly train young media designers in digital and print technology with their focus on design and technology. However, currently no free apprenticeships are available.
Mail to mailbox@asap-graphics.de.

Modelling job
Do you enjoy being in front of the camera? Do you love rock, metal or gothic styles? Are you 18 years old or older? Then send us an application to become a model for EMP.
Mail to mailbox@asap-graphics.de.


Social engagement is a matter close to our heart. For this reason we are, in particular, closely involved in the local animal protection society (Tierschutzverein Lingen e.V.), PETA, Greenpeace, the German society for the protection of children (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V.) and One. We do not just want to make a contribution ourselves, we also want to encourage you to think about helping out. It is worth finding out more.



Reliable partners and networks are important for us. For this reason we are in a lively exchange with important regional and national societies and associations in our industry. This includes e.g. the German federal association for medium-sized businesses (Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft), the Münster-Osnabrück marketing club and the media production companies association (Fachverband Medienproduktioner). This is how we maintain contact, stay informed and keep our finger on the pulse.



This is how to get hold of us

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